Career Services

With 393 million firearms in the United States, there will always be a need for the Gunsmith. Our program imparts the skills necessary for you to become an entry level general Gunsmith. Colorado School of Trades graduates go to work for large and small independent Gunsmithing shops throughout the world, firearm manufacturers, sporting goods dealers, law enforcement, and the military.

During your time in school, the Colorado School of Trades will help you prepare your resume, assist you with interviewing techniques, provide information for starting your own business, and provide you with the ability to generate job leads. The school maintains a job board of Gunsmithing career opportunities which is updated regularly.

CST has a full-time Career Services Counselor whose job is to assist you from the time you start school to the time you graduate to help you realize your employment goals. Our Career Services Counselor will assist you in preparing your resumes, portfolio, and interviewing techniques. Remember, WE DO NOT GUARANTEE PLACEMENT. Getting a job and keeping it is up to you. The placement process starts the first day of school and everything you build and accomplish is part of your portfolio.