Colorado Gunsmithing Schools

Founded in 1947, the Colorado School of Trades (CST) has been a gunsmith training destination since its inception. Our school enjoys a worldwide reputation built on a 70-year history and a long list of successful graduates recognized by top Gunsmith employers everywhere.

The Colorado School of Trades has applied a system based on hands-on, project-oriented training geared to train individuals how to be a gunsmith. Our Program offers a personal approach to training that allows a motivated student to enter the profession of Gunsmithing as an entry-level general Gunsmith.

If you’re searching for Gunsmithing schools in Colorado, take a look at our program. The Colorado School of Trades has structured the curriculum to teach students the basics, allowing the exceptional student to challenge his or her skill set, progress further, and learn more complex skills.

Our students learn Gunsmithing through the repair of customers’ firearms in one of the largest Gunsmithing shops in the United States. Our students perform 3,500 firearm repair operations every year. Our gun repair school is located just 10 minutes from Denver, CO and less than 90 minutes from Colorado Springs, CO. The Repair Department offers firearm repair and gun modification services so students get a variety of real-world experience. Students must be 18 years of age to start a program, but there is no age minimum to apply to our AOS Gunsmithing Program.

If you are looking for a career in Gunsmithing, have a passion for firearms, and enjoy the challenge of solving problems, don’t delay! Prepare for a bright future with satisfaction, security, and freedom. Join the ranks of professionals who perform an artisan craft older than America itself.