Stockmaking / Design & Function 1 Course

A gunsmith student preparing to install a recoil pad on his wood stock.

Course Objective: The Wood Stock Lab of this course prepares students to inlet, bed, shape, and finish wood stocks as well as providing them practical knowledge to diagnose and troubleshoot wood stock issues. The Repairs 1 Lab of this course teaches the concepts, techniques and skills which will enable the student to diagnose and repair firearms. During this course students learn the practical application of Gunsmithing skills. The course also covers aspects of different stockmaking materials, metal preparation, Business Theory, and Ballistics and Hand loading Theory.  Upon completion, students will have inletted a wood stock to fit their barreled bolt action. Students will also begin diagnosing and repairing firearms per customer order from the Repair Department.

  • Wood Stock Lab
  • Metal Preparation Lab
  • Design & Function 2 Theory
  • Business Theory
  • Ballistics & Hand loading Theory
  • Repairs 1 Lab

Learn more about how to inlet, bed, fit, shape and finish a gun stock at Colorado School of Trade. Contact our admissions office and we can answer any additional questions you might have.