Machine Shop / Stockmaking Course

Instructor teaching a gunsmith student the practical and conceptual uses of the lathe machine.

Course Objective: This machine course is designed to teach specific and practical uses of equipment, along with the conceptual use of each. Students will complete a combination of lathe and milling machine projects, stockmaking and design and function theory.

Upon completion of this course students will have threaded and chambered a barrel for a bolt action rifle (approved caliber of their choice) and test fired it in our test firing booth. Students will also bed a composite stock; install a recoil pad, sling swivels, and a finish of their choice. Theory will include sights, triggers, and use of firearms.

  • Engine Lathe and Mill
  • Universal Grinder
  • Triggers and Sights Class
  • Design & Function 1 Theory
  • Stockmaking Theory
  • Composite Stock and Paint Applications
  • History & Use of Firearms

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