Design & Function 2 Course

A gunsmith student applying his knowledge and skills to diagnose, troubleshoot and repair a handgun.

Course Objective: Students apply the knowledge and skills obtained in past course work to complete customer firearm repairs in the repair lab. The lab segment includes reloading, specialty took development, diagnosis and troubleshooting firearms and firearm repair training from the Repair Department. If a student so chooses, they may work on up to eight of their own firearms during repairs lab in this course.

The final part of Design & Function II allows for the student to specialize in a certain aspect of the industry. Students are required to complete a specialization project. The student can choose their project as long as it is gun related, legal, safe, and school supported. There may be additional costs depending upon what the student builds for a specialization project or projects depending on time available.

CNC MACHINING (Additional lab fee – Optional Specialization Project)
Computer Numerically Controlled Machining is an optional lab in specialization. It covers the basics of CNC machining practices in common industry-type CNC machines.  The student will learn programing on CNC mills and lathes. The objective of the course is to acquaint students with CNC practices they will be exposed to in the firearms industry.

Not all students will qualify to take Introduction to CNC Machining.  Students must have a minimum of 90 hours of specialization time available.  Preference is then given based on attendance, overall GPA and machine shop GPA. There are six seats available per three-week course.

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