Basic Course

In the basic course learn the use of tools, safety and operation in firearm repair

Course Objective: This Basic Course is designed to teach the use of hand tools, safety, math, and familiarize the student with the concepts of stock refinishing and metal preparation, along with the bluing process and recoil pad fitting. Students will attend Analytical Thinking Theory which is the preparatory class for the Written Cycle of Operations Theory. During Written Cycle of Operations students will receive instruction on the eight major types of firearms for the purpose of diagnostics and troubleshooting. As you are disassembling each firearm you are required to write down the action cycle of each of the firearms in sequence part by part; this includes a revolver and a short recoil semi automatic pistol. The long guns include a pump action, break open, lever action, bolt action, gas operated semi automatic, and a blow-back semi automatic. The Basic Course also introduces the students to TIG welding and heat treating commonly encountered by a Gunsmith.

  • Gunsmithing Hand Tools
  • Gun Bluing and Stock Refinishing
  • Blue Print Reading and Shop Math
  • Grinding, Sanding, Polishing and Drill Press Operations
  • Analytical Thinking¬† and Cycle of Operations Theory
  • TIG Welding